We’re kinda coco nuts…

It is no secret to those who know us that one of our favorite all-purpose products is coconut oil. There are endless, seriously, ENDLESS, uses for this oil, which makes it a GREAT investment on a tight budget (we’re recent college grads… so, um, yeah, we love bargains). When we started writing this blog entry, it started to get a little out of hand. (and by out of hand, we mean too damn long).

So, instead, we are going to direct you to this awesome blog with a list of 101 uses of coconut oil and comment on the ones we’ve tried so far: http://bit.ly/1bxIDMn (shout out to you Wellness Mama!)

We not only keep the coconut oil handy in the kitchen pantry, but also keep it in the bathroom. Coconut oil is a great skin treatment! We know what you’re thinking… “I am NOT putting oil on my face! It will make me break out, clog my pores… (continue anti acne rant here).” Surprisingly, a lot of acne is caused by the dehydration of the skin, so lathering up with some coconut oil before bed and sleeping with it on all night will actually rehydrate your skin and clear it up!

(If you have serious skin issues, please consult with your dermatologist before trying a new product, we simply use ourselves as test subjects and are in no way medical professionals. Also, something that works for us, may not work for everyone, but we sure hope it does!)

We have both used coconut oil for years now, and saw clearer, softer skin in less than 2 weeks! We’d like to take the time to point out how much CHEAPER this method is than buying acne medication and face washes that dry out and irritate your skin anyway (not to be biased…). Oh, and did we mention that long term use of coconut oil clears up acne marks, discoloration, and prevents wrinkles?! It’s never too early to plan ahead! (seriously, um, and while we are on aging, GET THAT SUNBLOCK ON YOUR FACE).

Looking to try this out? Here’s some pointers:
1. Buy organic coconut oil. It’s at pretty much any food store nowadays- even Costco! 
2. Wash your face with soap and pat it dry, leaving it a little damp.
3. Apply a SMALL amount of coconut oil. Believe us, a little goes a long way!
4. Sleep! It’ll be absorbed into your skin by morning.

How easy is that?! 

We’ve also used coconut oil for sunburns, rashes, frizzy hair, make-up remover (best thing ever ohmygosh), and in our coffee. It acts as a soothing agent with any skin irritation and since it is free of added chemicals and preservatives, it will not sting like those alcohol laden aloe gels.

Coconut oil is also great to put in your hair then wash out, leaving it silky and smooth. Ever have your makeup running down your face and smearing everywhere when you’re trying to get it off?(You know, when you look like this when getting out of the shower? You know who you are). Take a little coconut oil and rub it on your eyes. It’ll remove your makeup like a charm! And lastly, add a tablespoon of coconut oil with your coffee into a blender with some stevia. It’s a great way to make a quick latte, lactose free!

Like we said, we could honestly go on forever about coconut oil, but instead, let us know what ways you use it! In the meantime, we’ll keep being self appointed guinea pigs and figure out new uses of this magical product for you lovely readers!




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