We’re obsessed.

Sooo there is a lot of hype these days surrounding superfoods and super products… and, although we don’t always buy into the hype, we’re kind of obsessed with trying them out. Hopefully, by doing this we’ll be able to save you lovely readers some time (and money!). Each week we’ll be posting some things that we are obsessed with that worked for us… or that we just think are fair trade and super awesome :)

This week, we’re obsessed with beverages (other than tea, that’s a WHOLE other story/ post, don’t worry, we’ll fill you in).

When it comes to green juice and coconut water, we’re kinda snobs…

serious, serious, snobs.

There are so many products to choose from that we have the right to be, and we can’t stress enough the importance of being an educated consumer and expert label reader. You would honestly be amazed how much sugar is in some of the juices touted as “healthy,” and the amount of fruit juice they sneak into green drinks.

Which is why we’re excited we found a cold pressed green juice that you can find at your regular old food store.

It’s called Evolution Fresh.

photo 2

Not only do they offer a variety of fruit juices, but their green juice is the first that we’ve found (at your regular old grocery store) that offers a pure green juice without fruit- other than a little lime for zest, and it is awesome!

Well, if you’re a green drink junkie.

We know that drinking your veggies doesn’t taste as glamorous as it looks. Trust us, it took us a bit to acquire the taste (well, honestly, one of us is still trying to get used to them ha) But it is totally worth it, it is a great way to get in all kinds of extra nutrients, and seriously rocks your skin, like, glowing.

If you’re not buying into it, you can start by making your own at home, some cucumber, celery, kale, and an apple. A single apple will literally remove so much of the “green” taste that you might even find yourself enjoying it! Give it a try, what’s there to lose!?

Okay, so, green juice is is great first thing in the morning, before breakfast, but what about after a workout? That’s where we grab our coconut water and replenish those epic electrolytes that keep us going!

Many brands of coconut water are loaded with sugar, and are more like commercialized juice than a wellness superfood. We’ve tried so many brands, and have to say that we have fallen in love with Harmless Harvest Coconut Water.

photo 3 photo 1

Harmless Harvest is 100% raw, which means higher nutrient availability. This company also practices sustainable independent farming, which rocks our socks- they also occasionally come in pink! So. Post workout, grab one of these babies (they are a bit harder to find though- check out your nearest Whole Foods or natural food store).

Let us know what you think! Or if you have any epic veggie juice recipes!

P.S. We’re also a bit obsessed with this song this week… listen up and love yourselves a little more <3





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