I love honey… on my face…

I screen-shot-2013-06-10-at-6-11-55-pmam just going to preface this post by saying that I have horrible skin and have been searching since my first tweenage pimple for a product that would magically make my blemish woes disappear… and there are a LOT of products out there. Secondly, I have incredibly sensitive skin, so all of those acne creams simply dried me out and made me feel like my face was going to fall off if I smiled

…and I like to smile… a lot :)

If you are a product diva, then I recommend checking out Mychelle Dermaceuticals.

They carry everything from toners to masks to makeup. I honestly loved their serums while I was on my Mychelle kick- especially the Perfect C one. I also loved their masks and peels. My face felt ridiculously clean afterwards, but if I had to choose only one product, I would pick the Tropical Skin Smoother. It is sincerely the most amazing scrub I have ever used, and the best smelling. The Bamboo stem powder promotes exfoliation and the pieces are so fine that I felt the scrub remove every ounce of dead skin. Best. Feeling. Ever. So, this is my top choice as far as products go (Oh! Their sunscreen and sun care line are also phenomenal!)

Heads up, these products are a bit beyond my budget, so when I do buy them, I use them as once or twice a week treatments rather than every single day.

If you are opposed to chemicals or have extremely sensitive skin (or are just feeling like an adventurous hippie) I have finally figured out a system that works for me. Before I continue, please understand that I am in no way a dermatologist and that all skin types are different (just because this worked for me does not mean it will work for you) Also know that, especially with skin, when starting a new regimen, sometimes things get worse before they get better.

That said, here we go!

I start my day by washing my face with raw honey. Make sure it is organic! Mine is solid at room temperature and I warm it up a bit with my fingers before massaging it into my face. I know it may seem gross and counter intuitive to put honey on your face, but honey is actually antibacterial and will last forever (So don’t feel bad about picking up an extra if it is on sale!). Just start with some warm water, gently rub some honey on your face (leave it on until it dries -it will get really sticky- as a mask if you want. I do this at least once a week), and then wash it off. It’s as easy as that! Once a week I’ll add some sugar to it before I put it on my face to make a scrub, just make sure you are gentle!

Here is a video you can watch. At the end she shows how she washes her face with honey if you happen to have any problems… it took me a while to master this. No judgement.

After I wash off the honey, I leave my face wet and rub in a small, I repeat, SMALL amount of raw coconut oil. Honestly, I LOVE virgin coconut oil! I use it for everything- I put it on the tips of my hair for a super conditioner, I lotion up with it right after a shower, I even put it in my smoothies as an added fat bonus (not too much, it is saturated after all). It smells amazing and I love smelling like a coconut all day.

After the coconut oil, I put on some aloe- only at night though (it tastes really bitter, just a little warning if you’re looking for some loving with aloe on your face…). I try to find at least 99% aloe or I just use my plant in my bedroom. If you have an aloe plant, simply cut off one of the leaves at the base then cut off a one to two inch piece. To use it, simply slice it down the middle horizontally and rub on your face after you wash and moisturize!

Here is another video- she shows you how to properly cut aloe if my vague description didn’t help you at all.

Just another tidbit of advice (as cliche as it is) drink a lot of water and try to focus on what you eat. I’ve often heard that your skin is a reflection of your inner health, and although I’ve read studies stating that greasy foods and too much chocolate will not cause breakouts, I personally believe that my skin and overall well being improves when I take care of myself both inside and out.

Hope this helps! Comment and let us know! <3




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