Mantra Monday: Your Naked Flow

It’s #MantraMonday again! Today, we want to talk about control. We’re sure most of you would agree that feeling in control of your life and having everything mapped out the way you want it probably makes you feel better.

But, living like this also makes you more anxious. Life gets in the way and in a matter of seconds it can derail even the most carefully laid of plans. Having a plan is necessary at times, but it’s important to remember to go with the flow and be spontaneous sometimes! (RELAXXXX)

According to the teachings in the Dao De Jing, a Daoist philosophical text, order and harmony result from human nature being aligned with the rest of nature. This means that in order for us as humans to experience the best existence that we can, we must be able to be spontaneous and act organically to the rest of the world, not tainted by social conditioning. Deviating from this path, humans bring destruction to themselves and the world.

To Daoists, training is essential to reacting organically –And this is where planning is good!

According to the Dao De Jing, we must practice making ourselves the best we can be. Whether it is physical exercise, learning, eating healthy, or loving, these controlled actions will result in the most effective uncontrolled reactions to life.

So, while we are releasing control over the things that do not matter in life (spilling your coffee, losing a sock, getting cut off in traffic), we can gain control by embracing self-cultivation and nourishing our lives.

Today, try to go-with-the-flow and see how you feel! Let go of external control and focus on making yourself a more positive contribution to the natural state of the universe.

Tweet @YourNakedLife with the hashtag #MantraMonday and let us know how you’re getting back to your naked self!

Our mantra this week: “Mastering others is strength. Mastering yourself is power.”~ Lao Tzu (The Father of Daoism)

~For more information about Daoism or any other religion/philosophy, here’s a great website that we love to refer to:



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