maybe too obsessed

photoOkay. I found a product and I kind of fell in love.

Like I said before, good green juices, and good juice is hard to come by, but I made a stop at Whole Foods the other day (something I try not to do too much because I love everything in there and have no money… grad life, ya feel?)

Aaanyways, I hit up the juice area to grab myself a little something for kicking ass and taking names that day (aka I finished a week of a new workout series and am trying to learn to reward myself with healthy things- juices, bubble baths, new shirts- more on this later!) and I found this new little thing called Suja (which threw me a bit, as suja means dirty in Portuguese… but I’m sure in stands for something else…I hope.)

They have everything from Mango Fuego- a fruity drink with a firey kick, to Glow, which is simply greens. Seriously, get on this!!

ALSO I just realized that they offer juice cleanses! AH, totally going to try to save up for one of these! If anyone from Suja happens to find this, help a girl out and I’ll do an honest to goodness review of your cleanse product <3 I love you.

Have you tried these yet?? If so, what’s your favorite?



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